Our mission is to provide nourishing meals, fellowship, and encouragement to those in need.


Many of our neighbors face difficult decisions each day. We are here to make sure that a hot meal isn't one of their concerns. Beyond just food, we strive to provide a welcoming community, a listening ear, and hope for those in need. Learn more about what we do...  


What can $1 do?
$.78 can provide a hot lunch served at the Kitchen
$1.14 can provide 3 frozen meals for our outreach program
$3.51 can provide electricity for one hour of service at MSK

How I Can Help

You can support Mooresville Soup Kitchen while you shop this holiday season. Register today with Amazon Smile, and your purchases can reap rewards for Mooresville Soup Kitchen!  


The Mooresville Soup Kitchen is funded through the generosity of our community and receives no government funding. 100% of every donation is used to help our neighbors in need.

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Top Immediate Needs:
 Non-Dairy Creamer, Canned Goods, 45-Gallon Trash Bags, Paper Napkins, Paper Towels, BBQ Sauce


We offer free programs here at Mooresville Soup Kitchen. Join us yourself or invite someone in need!

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