MSK Success Stories

Here at Mooresville Soup Kitchen, we're more than just a nourishing meal. We try to offer our guests the support, help, and resources they need to get back on their feet. We measure our success by the success of our guests. Read about a few recent Success Stories below!


A middle-age homeless woman was working at a minimum wage job when she came to us for support. After a few months of being a guest at MSK, we found out Mitchell Community college was offering a free trade class with a job offer from sponsoring companies. Our Volunteer Services Coordinator, Judith, encouraged her to sign up. This month, she successfully completed the course and now is waiting for the opportunity to get a better paying job!

After a very long time living in their car, a couple who have been guests at MSK, were able to rent a house near by that they can afford. With our partner, Hands Helping Hands Ministry, they were able to get their furniture and household items they needed.

Recently, a single grandmother who is new to the area, was going through financial hardship and needed help. After talking to her, our Volunteer Services Coordinator, Judith, found out that part of the financial hardship was due to having to rent furniture.  With our community partner, The Mooresville Rotary Club and their Beds4Kids program, were able to provide beds and linens. She was able to return the rented furniture and save the almost $400 monthly.