Christmas in July was a Festive Success!

Last week (July 22-26) we celebrated the holidays a few months early! While some might say we’re crazy, we did it because we love spreading love and cheer year round, plus it doubled as a fundraiser to help MSK stock our shelves. Summer time is especially difficult for soup kitchens and food pantries because of summer break, traveling, and just other things going on, but regardless of the time of year, we still have people in need. Children come to us for breakfast and lunch since school is out for the summer so we have more mouths to feed. In order to raise awareness of our needs, we asked for different items for donations each day, then on Thursday, July 25th, Santa himself made an appearance! We had raffles and giveaways for our guests, as well as a delicious Christmas lunch from Chef Jim! Take a look at the photos…they’re sure to get you in the holiday spirit even though it’s hot and sunny out!