Our Cooking Classes Have Been a Delicious Success!!!

Our programming director, Mike Devine, and coordinator, Brittany Holbert, have worked hard to revamp our free cooking classes to better serve and teach those who wanted to learn! After reworking some of the details, our current cooking classes are a direction reflection and celebration of the hard work put into creating this program, as well as those who have attended classes! Each student has learned valuable kitchen skills, as well as how to make healthy, budget-friendly recipes, they actually got to taste and enjoy! From No-Bake Truffle Cookies to Little Pancake Lovers to our Shepard’s Pie Bowl-Tatos, our students have had a blast! After 89% of attendees said they feel confident in buying and preparing healthy and affordable meals for their family after taking a Cooking Counts class, we can only hope our future cooking classes are even more amazing so we can reach more people!

Shepard’s Pie Bowl-Tato

No-Bake Truffle Cookies

Little Pancake Lovers