Generational Poverty

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By: Tyshameka Hollins

Generational Poverty is defined as a family having lived in poverty for at least two generations. It is important to understand the difference between generational poverty and situational poverty. The word “Poverty” produces different images in a person’s mind. One could look at it as a financially difficult situation while others will define it by how and where one lives. What causes poverty: Hopelessness, surviving rather than planning and counterproductive traditions?

Economic situation of the country, lack of education, overpopulation, epidemic diseases or even environmental problems? It’s not a secret that the effects of poverty are serious, those who are living in absolute poverty, meaning having no homes, don’t receive proper nutrition and immunization which leads them to develop health problems. Apart from health issues, other effects of poverty include: crime, hunger, illness, illiteracy and unemployment. There are ways we all can help fight against poverty daily and the Mooresville Soup Kitchen is asking for any professional assistance if possible.

June 24, 2017 we are going into the 7 top areas of poverty in Iredell County. We have found that we have 12% of seniors without food who have been living this way since they were born, 6% of men and women of all ages who have served our Country who are living on the streets without medical attention and are going hungry. We have found 40% of unemployment in these areas are reaching a high level without real job training to successfully succeed. We also found that 44% of this county get food assistance and still don’t have enough to feed their kids 3 meals a day.

Getting this information with the help of UNCC was the first step. Phase two is physically going into these areas and ask how we can help. No matter what has occurred in anyone’s past or what one may feel right now, Gods love has always been freely given to us and Mooresville Soup Kitchen has been blessed with a mission of pouring out free assistance to those willing and strong enough to come out of Poverty.