We're Raising Money for a New Delivery Vehicle!

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Local Soup Kitchen Raising Money for Delivery Vehicle
The Mooresville Soup Kitchen hopes to raise $27,000

May 8, 2017 (MOORESVILLE, N.C.) – The Mooresville Soup Kitchen has been serving hot meals to the community since 1987. The organization also offers a food pantry and hand delivers frozen meals to those unable to come to their facility. They’re raising money online through RedBasket.org to purchase a delivery vehicle to serve those in need.

“Our ability to provide food in neighborhoods that are struggling the most allows us to make food accessible for all,” said Lara Ingram, Executive Director of Mooresville Soup Kitchen.

The group hopes to raise $27,000 to purchase a 2017 Chevrolet Express van. This van will enable them to keep up with growing demand of local impoverished families, veterans, homeless, and disabled neighbors.

“We have drivers that will drive this van to pick up and distribute bread, produce, and meat to help feed our needy people in our area,” Lara said.

The fundraiser will be online through June 21. To learn more or make a tax-deductible donation, please visit https://redbasket.org/1289.

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