Community Connections


In our Community Connections Program, we’re able to link and refer our guests to an array of different resources and services throughout the community. Below are some of the areas in which we consistently have the most up-to-date resources readily available for our guests.

Resources and Services

·       Housing

·       Employment Opportunities

·       Transportation

·       Obtaining/Maintaining Benefits

·       Counseling/ Mental Health Services

·       Substance Abuse

·       Child Care Needs                               

·       Resume Writing Workshop                    

·       Career Planning        

·       English as a Second language

·       Domestic Violence

In-House Services

·       Meal Service: Breakfast 8-9 & Lunch 11-12 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Fri.

·       Pantry: Eligible guests can shop and take home groceries every Wednesday.

·       Food Movers: Home delivered groceries are available to our home-bound guests.

·       Culinary Training: A 12-week culinary and job skills training program.

·       Cooking Counts: Cooking classes on how to cost effectively prepare healthy meals.

You are welcome to come in during our “walk-in” hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 9am-1pm for a Community Connections consultation. If our availability does not work your schedule, please contact Brittany Holbert at 704-660-9010 (ext 104) to schedule a consultation outside of our regular “walk-in” hours.

If you are interested in even more resources MSK offers, please click the buttons below. Each page will have information regarding the resources you’re seeking.


$1,500 will provide educational training for 20 people for 8 weeks