Fundamentals of Food Service

Formal 12 week culinary job skills training program led by our very own Chef Jim! This program will teach a small group of adults the essential skills they need to gain employment in a restaurant, hotel, grocery store, or other food service employer.  MSK will also connect our graduates to employment, by forming partnerships with employers in the community who are excited to join hands in this endeavor. We already have several employer partners on board! We have a need for many interested volunteers to become trainers in all aspects of food service, budgeting, management, resume writing, interviewing, etc. 

Our Fundamental of Food Service Inaugural Class

Classes started on April 30th this year and our students
will be graduating July 26th, 2018.

We are currently enrolling applicants for our next session
which starts September 10th, 2018.

Joanne Mazzullo:
She heard about the program from the Mooresville Tribune and came in to apply. She has always liked to work with food and in the kitchen which prompted her to check out the program. In just the past few weeks she said that she has already learned a lot about the hygiene rules needed in a commercial food environment, how to cook in bulk, about herbs and spices, various uses for pots and pans and kitchen utensils.


The things she enjoys most is cooking for guests in the morning and learning about nutrition and other skills in the afternoon with our other Fundamentals of Food Service Program students. When asked about her hopes for the future, she said; “I am interested in learning and look forward to finding a job in the kitchen of an institution that gives back to others.”


Liam Moore:
Liam heard about the program while eating lunch at the Mooresville Soup Kitchen and checked in with Ms. Judith to learn more. He said that he has already learned; “how to properly prep food, and that attire and manners along with greeting people is important. This alone has helped me to open up more.” The
things that he has liked best about the program is that he has learned to cook, and appreciates the opportunity to make himself a better person.