Fundamentals of Food Service
Job Training Program


Formal 12 week culinary job skills training program led by our very own Chef Jim! This program will teach a small group of adults the essential skills they need to gain employment in a restaurant, hotel, grocery store, or other food service employer.  MSK will also connect our graduates to employment, by forming partnerships with employers in the community who are excited to join hands in this endeavor. We already have several employer partners on board! We have a need for many interested volunteers to become trainers in all aspects of food service, budgeting, management, resume writing, interviewing, etc. 

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Meet Our Students!


Warren Terry

Warren heard about our Culinary Program by coming into MSK. He aims to increase in his kitchen skills and expand his culinary education to seek employment.


Shane Shoe

Shane was introduced to MSK by a former volunteer and applied for our Culinary Program for a brighter future. Upon graduating, Shane hopes to find a job in the restaurant industry.


Branden Carroll

Referred by a friend, Branden moved to North Carolina to better himself. He hopes to learn the ropes of the culinary industry to secure employment once graduation is complete.