Child Volunteers

ALL children volunteering at the Mooresville Soup Kitchen MUST complete the Child Volunteer Form below prior to arriving to volunteer for the first time. All volunteers must log their hours when they arrive.

Please read below:

11-13 year olds who volunteer at MSK must be working side by side with a parent at all times.

14-15 year olds must have a parent in the building at all times.

16-17 year olds may volunteer without a parent in the building, but must be picked up by 2pm Monday through Thursday and 1pm on Friday. 16-17 year olds are treated as responsible adults while volunteering at MSK and MSK does not assume responsibility for their safety or actions. If you are not confident in your child’s ability to take on this level of independence, a parent should remain in the building.

Children 10 and under are not able to volunteer in the Mooresville Soup Kitchen during the guest operation hours. Young children can collect items, come for a tour, or create crafts for guests at an off-site location. They can deliver items collected, make decorations, create place mats, and many other fun activities. All activities for young children should be scheduled in advance by calling Judith Thomas.

Dress: Closed-toe shoes, no tank tops or short shorts. Long hair should be pulled back in a band. We will
provide aprons.  

Parking:  Parking is limited. The best place to park is the back parking lot on the corner of Wilson and S Broad. The church allows us to park in the rear lot. The entrance is off of Academy Street.

There is no place to secure valuables. Please leave them at home or in your vehicle.
Thank you for volunteering at the Mooresville Soup Kitchen!